"A good routine during the day, will enable your child sleep longer at night"


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We believe that regular routine is the most important foundation for a child's positive development. So, the approach we advocate is simple: Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

However, following this intuitive approach (in particular during long nights) and finding the essential products to support your routine can still be challenging, especially for first-time parents. Solving this problem and helping find a good routine that is right for you and your baby therefore lies at the heart of what we do, and is the reason why VABY was founded.

Our VABY Sleep Coaching is all about following a regular routine during the day, which will enable your child sleep longer at night. With a No-cry approach and scientifically proven methods, our version of sleep coaching is about helping babies learn to fall asleep and connect sleep cycles independently to create consolidated and restful nights and naps.

To complement our ambition of helping parents find a good routine, we have also developed and designed selected VABY Products. These all-time favorites will support your daily routine and follow the simple approach we advocate: Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat. With a simplistic approach to design and exclusively certified materials, all our products are created in the most natural way. We refrain from using chemicals or harmful substances and only source the softest materials for manufacturing. Subtle colours and modest design complement the perfect product – simple, yet practical.

meet the team

Hi - We are Kathrin and Rainer, founders of VABY and (very) proud first-time parents of a little boy.

We have high demands for quality in both products and customer service. Everything we do is done with care and consideration, and the DNA in VABY is a result of our passion for design, aesthetics and the belief that beauty lies in the detail. Being first-time parents, we also know how priceless sleep can be and truly believe in the value and benefit of providing a child with regular and good routine. As working parents, we are also in sync with the demands of a modern family, an understanding that is the heart and soul of VABY.

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